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Cisco: My Partner in Meltdown Avoidance

Cisco has a cool new viral campaign out called Don’t Have a Meltdown. Originally, I came across the website not knowing it was associated with Cisco (Cisco branding doesn’t kick-in until after some navigating) and

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On the Sound of Brands and Advertising

  Really interesting article in the Economist this week about the role of sound in branding/advertising (actually the lack there of). The article talks about Julian Treasure, the author of Sound Business a new book

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Brands, Location and Class

One thing I have noticed recently is an increase in companies whose business models capitalize on swanky locations with certain class or cultural connotations. The trend to identify class or status through the use of

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Social Media

The New Science Of Brand Reputation: Why It Matters

Brand Reputation is a discipline separate from that of traditional branding campaigns. Brand Reputation recognizes that due to increased transparency and access to information, ‘traditional branding’ whether through mission statements, marketing or affiliations can easily

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