On the Sound of Brands and Advertising


Really interesting article in the Economist this week about the role of sound in branding/advertising (actually the lack there of). The article talks about Julian Treasure, the author of Sound Business a new book on the subject. According to Julian, ’studies in America have shown that the tempo of background music affects the pace at which shoppers move and diners eat. Faster music in a restaurant can speed up the flow of diners. Slower music can lead people to spend more time in stores, so that they are more likely to buy something.’Â�

So maybe the annoying jingle or background music on your website or blog actually isn’t that bad of an idea. The trick is to find a sound that complements the content of a site and/or your product line. Think how effective RiceKrispies has been in its use of a sound which was simply a by-product of the product’s design.

Anyway the idea of sounds got me thinking:

Five Sounds I Haven’t Thought of In a Long Time:

  • Blowing on a Nintendo game cartridge because it wasn’t working
  • Holding a seashell up to your ear
  • Opening a can of tennis balls
  • The theme Song to Ducktails
  • The Sound of Angry AOL dialup trying to connect


Distinctive Sounds:

  • The plunking of a soda can after you insert .75 into a soda machine
  • My parent’s voices
  • A Blackberry buzzing as it interferes with audio equipment
  • The ring-tone of CTU phones on 24
  • The swish of a basketball going through the hoop

Other to add to these list?

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