Cisco: My Partner in Meltdown Avoidance

Cisco has a cool new viral campaign out called Don’t Have a Meltdown. Originally, I came across the website not knowing it was associated with Cisco (Cisco branding doesn’t kick-in until after some navigating) and thought it was funny and clever. ‘Saxophonia’ was my favorite ‘“ ‘the prolonged exposure to smooth jazz as you wait for others to join a conference call.’

While I like the website and concept the campaign is built around, I think Cisco has really dropped the ball. This campaign screams of UGC opportunities. As an individual, as soon as I saw the Cisco solution, I clicked off the site’ I’m not going to buy a Cisco enterprise solution, let’s get serious. What Cisco needs is for me to forward that website to a C-level decision maker at some company. To encourage this, I should have the opportunity to share a personal anecdote related to say, m experience with a co-workers’ meltdown, or maybe forward the link to a friend I deem ‘most likely to soon suffer from a meltdown’ These simple steps would make this a much more viral, and thus effective campaign.


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