What’s Up with all the False Advertising?

Update 1: I was contacted by the CEO of WrapMail who gave me a demo of his product. WrapMail’s choice of wording may be poor but it is not false advertising. I offered to write a post summarizing the service and will link to it once it’s ready to ship.

I ran into two falsely advertised products today. While I was initially excited about both, now that I understand that I cannot use the services in the manner they claimed they have lost me as a potential customer.

I wonder how many potential customers were also lost by this messaging stupidity? No customer wants to feel like they were lied to and/or had their time wasted. Unfortunately that’s exactly how people are feeling right now.

Here are the culprits:


Today’s TechCrunch review has a demo with an iPhone. Awesome!

Then go to the website iPhone is not supported. Yes, maybe it will be come July 11, but nowhere is that disclaimer made.


I saw the CEO’s elevator pitch and loved the concept – especially because it indicates in the press release that Wrapmail can be used with web-based email like Gmail and Yahoo.

Upon going to the website I was immediately met with this disclaimer…



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