Validation And Distribution

As far as I am concerned there are two primary challenges faced by all first-time startup founders:

1)    Investor Validation
2)    Product Distribution

These are difficult challenges to overcome, particularly if you are a) an east coast entrepreneur b) a non-technical founder or c) not a seasoned startup veteran with a track record.

One of the things that most entrepreneurs don’t want (and thus don’t get) is honest feedback. Venture Capitalists are usually being dishonest when they tell you they won’t invest because, “it’s not their firm’s specialty.” Entrepreneurs are dishonest because they refuse to do what it takes to radically adjust their business models or drop an idea altogether.

Honest feedback is something that is needed in the world of startups but it often never happens because it takes time on the part of the giver and it is often painful for the receiver.

Honest Feedback for Entrepreneurs:

I have created a private account and have given access to a few friends who I consider to really know their shit.

If you have an idea that you’d like reviewed for honest feedback, please send me a one-page business plan, screen shots and/or a link to the demo. No additional explanation is needed or wanted. Also, please do not ask for introductions to investors – that is something that happens organically.

We’re all very busy but will do our best to review what is submitted and get some sort of analysis back to you; it may be brief but it will be honest.


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