Techcrunch Forums Hit DeadPool

Although largely unnoticed by the blogosphere, Techcrunch has killed CrunchForums. The initial idea according to Michael was

“[to provide] a good place to pitch your new startup or product if it hasn’t been featured yet on TechCrunch (or even if it has), share tips with the community, spread rumors, or endlessly debate the definition (or existence) of Web 2.0.â€�

Unfortunately, two mistakes were made:

  • Pitching of startups was unregulated
  • The chosen forum software did not allow for community policing

In conjunction with pulling down the old forum system, TechCrunch has offered a new and more regulated approach to pitching of startups: “elevator pitches.� While the new offering is more entertaining, lost in the change was rich collection of advice, tips and suggestions that could have been a rousing success if better facilitated. SPAM killed it.


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