Facebook Movie to be Filmed at Johns Hopkins University


Exciting news for Johns Hopkins: parts of the Facebook Movie: “The Social Network” by Andrew Sorkin will be filmed on the Hopkins Campus in Baltimore come November.

I’m very involved at Johns Hopkins University, serving on a number of boards both for the overall University and the Carey Business School. I was in Baltimore for several days last week and I’m very excited that this deal got done and can now be talked about publicly!

Also a big congrats a friend involved in making this happen!

Not only is this likely to be a great movie, but hopefully it will generate more interest among Hopkins students/faculty/alumni in startups. One of the initiatives I’m a passionate advocated for is better university-wide resources for students interested in start-ups and venture capital.

Between Hopkins’ phenomenal schools in medicine, public health, business and engineering I want to see more amazing collaborations and spin-outs than the status quo. Hopefully a bit of Hollywood will help draw more attention to startups at JHU.


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