Gaming At Work: Are We At Peak Zynga?


Last week I got to briefly visit the Zynga headquarters in San Francisco, it’s an impressive operation!

Yesterday I was at a hospital in Brooklyn to have several sonograms (I’m fine!). Sonograms require various intermittent pauses for a couple minutes each. During these pauses, I couldn’t help but see the nurses laughing away.

I asked what was so funny? Slightly embarrassed, she replied she was playing a game on Facebook called Cafe World with her friends.

Putting aside my annoyance my nurse was gaming during my procedure, I quickly learned that not only do all her friends play, but they all are also whales, spending a ton on virtual goods!

If well educated nurses are so addicted to Zynga that they play during medical procedures, the Zynga IPO is something I want in on!


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