Help Support A New Mexico High School In Need


Update: We raised the money within 48 hours! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed (9 donations). Awesome!

I want to ask for support in helping a great cause.

My youngest sister is part of Teach for America. She’s spent the last year and a half in an extremely impoverished and isolated area of New Mexico, working on a Navajo Indian Reservation as a high school history teacher.

While she teaches great kids, but the unfortunate reality is they are extremely under-resourced; most American Indian Reservations are considered sovereign nations and thus not technically part of the United States – so they don’t benefit from from normal Government support.

My sister’s class desperately needs is a projector.

The need, as she describes it, is as follows:

Living three hours from the nearest major city prevents my students from having the same exposure to museums, photographs, libraries, stores, and resources as their peers. My students have mostly lived in this area for several generations and have had little experience with travel. Without exposure to other places and cultures, students have trouble gaining perspective and visualizing our discussions on history. As students get older, they will go to college without the same background information that their peers have experienced.

We have already qualified for a 50% grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we now just need $505.

I’m planning a trip out to visit her for Thanksgiving and would love to helo her get this in time for the Holidays.

Any amount you can give is appreciated; as Matt Damon says to Vince in this past season of Entourage: It’s for the kids Vince!

Click the image below to go to her Donor’s Choose Page and donate:

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