The Top 20 Blogs I Am Reading Right Now

I like what Darren has done by posting his most read blogs from Google Reader Trends. I have done the same below and was surprised by a few blogs that I hadn’t realized I’ve been following as closely as I have.

One thing that this exercise also highlighted is how niche my RSS subject matter is. RSS is my primary conduit to information these days, so it’s interesting that I am not reading much outside of social-media sites within the reader. For example, I read the New York Times and Fast Company yesterday. I also watched CNN, checked my Facebook profile and looked up some Celtics scores. Why am I not doing these activities in my Reader as well?

Here is my list:

google reader trends top blogs rss

I’d be interested to know what are other people’s top 20?

PC? Jess3? Nick? You guys should publish yours.


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