Launching a Business Via Facebook Pages: New York Singles Scene


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An idea came to my roommate and I this evening. Why not try the reverse of what Facebook intended for companies using Facebook Pages? Instead of advertising an existing company, why not use the Pages medium to launch something new?

But, what to launch? Since I have been writing about dating in 2007, it seemed obvious! I could kill two birds with one stone. Thus is born experiment number two: “New York Singles Sceneâ€� (NYSS). In the spirit of anti-stealth, I have no idea how we will monetize this business, but that’s not really the point (see below).

Here is the idea. If we can get a large enough group, it should be relatively easy to attract sponsors for free, open-bar parties. Assumption: single people like open bar parties. Assumption: Sponsors will love this. Why? First, we can advertise within our Facebook Page using images, discussions, or pushing messages. Another example: want hundreds or thousands of NYC singles to see your new Facebook App? We’ll install it for you on our page…for a price. Also if a sponsor wanted, we could push traffic out to another website. And of course, we can offer our sponsors very targeted demographic data. Seems like a good sell to me.

So help us out with this new experiment. Follow this link and become a “Fan� of NYSS on Facebook.


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