The Feast: Social Innovation Conference Comes to New York

I’m VERY excited about attending (and covering) All Day Buffet’s first major conference: The Feast.  I encourage anyone in the New York, especially those in the creative, technology or business communities to register for the event on Oct 16thth. The Feast will be a great chance to listen the brightest minds in social innovation, get inspired and network with like-minded world changers right here in New York City. Not only is The Feast an affordable conference, but I can also offer $50 off for readers of this blog: simply enter code “FIFTY” for the discount when you register.

I recently got to ask Michael Karnjanaprakorn, the founder, a few questions…

So Michael, What’s All Day Buffet All About?

All Day Buffet is a social innovation brand for creatives. We incubate “good” ideas that make the world a better place. Our method is to leverage creativity and creative thinking to solve social problems through entrepreneurial projects. Our concept is open participation. Our network is a family of likeminded people around the world working towards the same ideals. Whether it’s drinking for a cause, creating sustainable products, or making good ideas happen; our goal is to get the world “Full on Good.”

It’s a simple idea: Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore.

The Feast sounds like a mini-TED. Is that accurate?

It’s fairly accurate. We’ve taken elements from all our favorites conferences and mashed them into one. All of our speakers will have a 20-minute time limit for their presentations and we believe that The Feast will attract the same quality of attendees as the TED Conference. Other than that, there’s a range of differences that make The Feast unique. We believe this is the first event focused on the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and social innovation in the New York community, and maybe even within the country. We’re also implementing creative ideas to connect this innovative group together through personal introductions, networking opportunities, extra long breaks, and one legendary party.

How did the idea of the Feast come about?

The idea for The Feast came from a couple of places. Being based in New York, we’ve noticed a strong creative and social community without an outlet to spark innovation and connect with other likeminded innovators. Couple that with most conferences being lame (i.e. panels where the speakers brag about themselves) and the ridiculously high prices that conferences like TED and Pop!Tech were charging; we decided to bring something unique, creative, and affordable to the NYC community.

Does New York really have much of a creative community? I thought we were all bankers?

New York City has a great creative community! The perception is that it’s a great financial hub, but with the recent crumbling of investment banks, I think we’ll see a shift towards creativity in the need for a functional and better system . Not only do we have a great banking community, New York is known for it’s media, advertising, fashion, and now digital and tech companies. New York attracts some of the brightest, best and hardest working people from all over the world. That’s what makes it such a great city. Everyone here has a “side hustle” as we call it. I always meet new people working on multiple projects, which are all equally interesting and fascinating. We’re no different and like Rick Ross says, “Everyday I’m Hustlin!”

What speakers are you most excited about?

I’m excited for all of them! I’m really excited to hear Dickson Despommier talk about Vertical Farming. He’s been featured in the New York Times and will be on the speaking circuit for all the major conferences within the next year. We’re lucky to have secured him first before he becomes super famous.

I’m also excited to hear Chad Rea because he is insanely brilliant and creative and Scott Belsky from Behance discussing how to make “good” ideas happen.

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