Running a Logo Design Contest on SitePoint

sitepoint logo contests design
I was in need of some relatively simple design work – a logo/badge stating, ’community optimized.’ Looking to get something done cheaply and not really sure what direction to go in, I thought a cool idea would be to find a website offering contests. Essentially, the contest owner puts up cash and then chooses from among various submitted designs from the community. After checking out a few possibilities like elance, I decided to give SitePoint Contests a try. Only 24 hours into the contest and I have 35+ entries so far. You can see the submissions by following this link.

Overall the results are a mixed-bag so far. My favorites of the bunch are this one by Xpressions and the top one by FatFrog. To this point I’d say 50% are something I would never consider, 25% are not great and 25% are candidates.

What I am not good at is giving feedback and that’s probably limiting my ability to adequately describe the look I want.

Anyway check them out and let me know what designs you like and/or how you’d improve upon existing ones. Six days remain so we may get more entries yet’ .


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