Port iTunes from a PC to a Mac

Porting iTunes from a PC to a Mac Apple
After two years of hardcore use I replaced my Dell. When I say hardcore I mean it’ the screen was replaced three times, the keyboard twice, the motherboard once, the fans three times. I destroy computers.

A lot of thought went into what to buy but ultimately, following my best friend’s advice, I went back to MAC. I used to use Macs exclusively but after a horrible experience I switched to PCs throughout college. Well, I’m back to Mac and I plan to post some helpers for folks who are also making the switch.

iTunes from a PC to a Macbook

In my experience the direct connection does not work. Yes, in theory you can connect both computers via Ethernet cables (the same cables you’d use to plug into a high speed connection), but I repeatedly received some mysterious error -36 message. Also you could burn to CD, but that’s too much hassle and work.

Here is what to do. Go to NetworkMagic.com. Download and install it on both your PC and your Mac. Open iTunes on your PC and select ’Consolidate iTunes’ from the drop down (this will put all your music in one folder) and save it (it will likely save as a folder called MyMusic). Next, find that same folder and add it to your NewtworkMagic network.

Now got to your Mac. Load Network Magic ’“ you will see it looks different on the Mac than it does on a PC because the Mac version is in Beta. The trick here is to select ’Trust’ from the drop down in the upper right of your screen. Now you will see your MyMusic folder with all your consolidated tracks. Simply download that folder to your Mac. Now open iTunes on your Mac and drag the new folder into iTunes. The entire process should take less than 20min. This also works great for files, photos, etc’

The only downside is that your iPod will be reformatted for the Mac, so while you will keep all your music, you will need to rebuild your playlists. Still, this by far the easiest way I have found and it’s 100% FREE.


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