Hack: Outsource Buisiness Intelligence to Del.icio.us

I have decided to share a big secret of mine. I have been stealing people’s knowledge for the last six months. In that time I have increased my expertise on subjects such as enterprise 2.0, social media, design, and hacks by 10x. How have I done it?


Many people use Del.icio.us, but forget that it’s also a social network. If someone knows your username, the default is that your bookmarks are shared with anyone else who finds your username and adds you to their network. I actually follow one VC who marks things as ‘target acquisition’ ‘“ you can’t tell me he’s purposely doing that. He has forgotten that Del.icio.us lets other people see what he is looking at. An insider’s snapshot into what someone sees as a valuable web resource. Even better, some people leave personal notes in the descriptor. That’s the best because they will tell me, for example, this designer is so and so’s cousin. Sweet ‘“ I just plug that info into my contacts, or just make an introduction on LinkedIn. I think of it as ‘networking 2.0.’

So how do I find what people’s user names are? Well, many people tell me on their blogs. Just follow their del.icio.us links and you’ll see who is publishing them. First letter of first name, last name, is also a common format. Some people have an email name they love, like DforDoug. If someone uses Del.icio.us I can figure out their name in very little time.

I love Del.icio.us and I thank all of you who have been making my life easier by finding me all these great resources and companies! Cheers!

—Want to learn exactly how I use Del.icio.us? Click here for an step-by-step explanation


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