What Type of Blogger Are You?

I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of bloggers: Proactive, Reactive and Insight.

Proactive bloggers are people consistently posting original and innovative ideas. They may post about personal observations, research, develop theories, or keep online journals. A good example is Noah Kagan from Okdork. I enjoy Noah’s blog immensely because he doesn’t write about the same stuff everyone else does ’“ he develops original content.

Reactive bloggers are the people who provide value to readers by aggregating and hyper-linking. This is probably the least popular form of blogging because it provides (IMO) the least value to readers. The New York Times blogs are good examples.

Insight blogs are far and away the most popular as they combine Proactive and Reactive. An Insight blogger reacts to events, news, or analysis and then providing his or her own insight/opinion. The boundary between Insight blogs and the others can be minimal. For example, Valleywag posts a ton of original material and uses syntax to convey its insight (usually an opinion).

Why this matters.

It matters because knowing what type of blogger you are can help to develop your community and overall strategy. I tend to split between Proactive and Insight. Proactive is the most difficult because you must generate your own ideas. Insight is easier because you can simply react to happenings and opinions. However because of it’s ease, Insight is also the most popular, and thus, the most difficult to differentiate or find a niche.

Just my two cents ’“ what kind of blogger are you?


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