Does Friendster Own Complicated Relationships?

I signed into Friendster today out of pure boredom. Although not much has changed (aside from the majority of its original demographic migrating to Facebook) when I ran a search I did notice something new. Under ‘Relationships’ Friendster has added a trademark logo to the phrase “It’s Complicated.â€� Despite their numerous outlandish patents, this trademark attempt takes the cake and highlights Friendster’s feeble attempts to compete using defensive rather than offensive tactics.

friendster it's complicated trademark relationships single

Personally, I have no idea what ‘it’s complicated’ means and that is likely the point. In the past I’ve been told it refers to 1) a couple living together (out of wedlock), or 2) a couple that is waffling but the ambiguous context is what I prefer.

Either way, trying to trademark this phrase is stupid.


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