LinkedIn Dislikes Teachers


LinkedIn made headlines this morning with the leak that News Corp and LI might be in acquisition negotiations. Back at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, LinkedIn was also stirring-up conversation…

For the past couple years my sister was a French professor at a Connecticut boarding school. Having recently changed positions (now working in development) she finally got around to accepting my invitation to join LinkedIn. The trouble is — LinkedIn does not offer an appropriate industry field for educators! For example, there are no option fields for teachers or for persons working at a non-profit. The closest available is ‘Non-Profit Management.’

While I understand that LinkedIn is looking to appeal primarily to a demographic making $100,000+, I think excluding talented young educators (who could easily still become lawyers, diplomats, or even bankers) is a major mistake and likely to drive someone, like my sister, to a rival such as Doostang.


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