Do Business Plans Even Matter Anymore?

I’m as big a fan of the business plan as anyone. In fact, I helped pay for my MBA by writing business plans as a side hustle. However, it may be time to acknowledge that – at least for startup founders – the traditional business plan is a relic of a bygone era. From the […]

Freemium Is Sucking. Here’s Why

Update: Fred Wilson ironically has a new post up today (10 hours after I published this) titled, “Free vs. Paid.” It directly addresses my thoughts below… Two years ago Fred Wilson Jared Lukin coined the term “freemiumâ€� to describe a new type of business model prevalent across web 2.0 products. The idea of freemium is […]

Where Is The Y Combinator For Creators?

Back in July, a small article slipped onto my radar. Hamfatter, a UK-based indie band appeared on a television show where inventors pitch their business plans to 5 multi-millionaire entrepreneurs in an attempt to convince them to invest in their projects. After pitching (playing a single song) one of the investors, Peter Jones (background in […]

Google to Launch Next Gen Blog Advertising Network?

I’m sure such an announcement is imminent within the next year or two. Sure Google has Adwords and Adsense, but that’s nothing compared to what they’ll be ultimately be able to do. Anyone who has played around with the Trends feature in Google Reader knows what I’m talking about. As an RSS reader, Google Reader […]

Business Idea: Subscribe to Tagged Magazine Articles

Darren Herman has a nice post asking someone to help him start a new website featuring RSS headlines tailored to individual subscribers. Darren’s post reminded me of an idea I had last week… One industry that clearly falls under the long tail effect is the magazine industry. While many magazines make some of their content […]