Startup Monetization Strategy: Brand-Claimed Accounts

There is a good dialogue taking place on business models started by Chris Anderson. However, one model I see left out is what I call “brand-claimed accounts.â€� In a recent post on handles and user names I made the point that many startups have begun to attract interest (use) from brands and other organizations who […]

My 2008 Tech Predictions: Niche Networks, The Social Enteprise, Hybrid VCs

1/ For the most part, it still feel like 2007, with little change [Brilliant Post]   2/ Real estate for high quality business .com domains will skyrocket. Thrice this week I heard someone describe a business model involving the purchasing a high value domain as core to the strategy: both from startups and from an […]

Why Banana Republic’s Website Sucks

I have been thinking a lot about how particular demographics use brands as a means for self-actualization and identity. Today I was with my sister at new outdoor fashion mall in Connecticut doing some Holiday shopping. I was marveling at how Banana Republic was filled with attractive young people with charge cards and thinking what […]

Can’t Add Subscriptions to Google Reader?

Unless I am completely missing something, since Google Reader changed its layout, you cannot add new subscriptions (RSS feeds). Anyone know anything about this? It’s driving me nuts. Zoli – I feel like you might have the answer?

A Whirlwind of General Thoughts

Is It Ever Okay to Pirate Music?: Say I were to pirate music, for example, to rip from Limewire the latest tracks of a musician I just heard playing at a bar. Perhaps his name is Wax Tailor. If I do not pirate the music, I am likely not going to buy his albums. However, […]