Startups and The Magic Number Seven

Keith Rabois really knows his stuff and I find his answers on Quora to be some of the best, especially when it comes to early stage company building. To be truly successful on the Internet, you need to build something that becomes one of seven sites that a large swath of users will regularly use […]

Why Guessing The Next Tech Paradigm Is Nearly Impossible

In my thinking about how web technologies are evolving I think attempting to conceptualize or invent the next Facebook is nearly impossible. Massively disruptive startups “just are.” IMO it’s not possible to know what will be the next Twitter or Facebook because these types of platforms/applications are outgrowths of the current state of human interaction. […]

TechCrunch Interview with Eventbrite Founders And Roelof Botha

Much more than reading blogs, I love watching videos of entrepreneurs as they discuss the origin stories of businesses and how they think about business strategy. While others are obsessed with Twitter and Facebook, I find YouTube (video) much more candid and revealing. This interview between Michael Arrington, Eventbrite co-founders, Kevin & Julia Hartz and […]

The Most Powerful Business Model

Years back a professor drew me a diagram of what he called the most powerful model in all of business: Tonight while I was thinking about business models, the web, some friends ideas and workstreamer I pretty much decided he was dead right. Anytime you can add structure to the unstructured you’ve got yourself a […]

How To Save With Outsourced IT: LORE Systems Interview

I recently spoke with the COO of Lore Systems, Laurie Freeman. [Disclosure: Lore is a sponsor of this blog] – The Savings Potential of Outsourcing Your IT –  According to Laurie, the largest line item (and hence biggest cost suck) in a budget is normally staffing costs. This is particularly evident in the technology and […]