What It Feels Like To Be A Startup CEO

What does it feel like to be a startup CEO and founder? Paul DeJoe answered this question on Quora. His response quickly became one of the most popular answers of all time. I wanted to resurface Paul’s answer, as it encapsulates many of the raw emotions I have felt time and time again as an entrepreneur. […]

Workout Intensity and Elite Business Performance

From a Wall Street Journal article this weekend on Sean Payton’s (New Orleans Saint’s head coach) love for the anonymity and intensity of CrossFit workouts: Payton became immersed in CrossFit last year, in Dallas, amid that lost season which wasn’t really a season, at least not for him, since he was suspended from football amid New Orleans’s Bountygate […]

Lululemon Founders Launch Meditation Startup

I’ve been interested in meditation for a while (recently took a transcendental meditation course) so this caught my eye: Chip and Shannon Wilson, founders of Lululemon are launching a new company focused on meditation and lifestyle called Whil. [Our approach is] pretty minimalist compared to how people usually think of meditating. You shut your eyes, “power […]

Search-As-You-Type Advertising Could Be Huge

Google’s new search-as-you-type is pretty great and starts to move search away from the old paradigm of results pages — I’m finding these search box suggestions really influence my next few clicks. So…what if Google started adding “sponsored suggestions” and used a bidding model similar to AdWords? This could be an enormous money maker but […]