Vertical Search: Why Quora Will Be A Massive Brand

Back in 2009 I wrote a post about why I thought Facebook was going to be epic-ly  successful by noting that “Facebook” had more search volume than possibly anything else on the web. We will have some answers soon with the impending IPO. But now that it’s 2012 my new prediction is Quora. No, it’s […]

The Economy Is Not Average People

Socio economic stratification in the United States continues to be a major issue. If you simply read headlines, you’d think that the economy — i.e., spending by “average” consumers is on a positive, upward trend: Thanksgiving Day saw an 18% increase in online spending to $479 million. U.S. consumers have spent $12.7 billion already in […]

We Need New KPIs For The Future of Work

During my weekend readings I came across two essays that present an interesting take on the future of work. First Kevin Kelly on why ‘productivity’ will be a worthless metric to be optimizing for: There is more to be gained by producing more opportunities than by optimizing existing ones. Productivity, however, is exactly the wrong […]

Hotel Aggregators, FOMO and Real Time Notifications

This summer while booking a trip to Europe I noticed something I hadn’t seen before across a number of hotel aggregator websites: the use of real-time notifications to instill FOMO (fear of missing out): “someone just booked this hotel.” I’m not exactly what to think about this tactic as a consumer, but I would imagine […]