: It’s About Time

brightestyoungthings re-launch party may 5th 2007

Occasionally I stumble upon true gems online. appears to be just that (at least for the DC hipster crowd). It’s about time someone knowledgeable on good music, art and style – spiked with a killer sense of graphic design – exposed some of DC’s great underground events.

It seems the BYT blog debuted here, followed by the much improved current version here. You can check out some of the pictures on Flickr from recent gatherings: quite the attractive crowd. I couldn’t find much info on the author, but then again, I didn’t look that hard.

The blog seems to cover excellent choices in music and art and provides great ’tip-offs’ to events that I would otherwise have had no idea about.

I’m hoping to hit up the ’Re-Launch’ party on May 5. More info here.

Aside: A blog tailored to a specific demographic or region (like BYT) is a great foray into creating a niche social network

***Time left to enter my contest: 9 days



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