Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs: The Similarities Abound


My sister is currently looking a job and she’s two years out of college. My other sister will be graduating from college next year and she’s already thinking about her impending job search…

It got me thinking that there is a lot in common between entrepreneurs looking for funding and recent college graduates looking for jobs. As an analogy, think of a recent graduate (and his or her resume) as a business plan ’“ a potential gamble or risk for some company looking to hire. The recent graduate, like the entrepreneur, must sell themselves and show how his or her skills and experience are worth a company’s trust and long-term investment.

Here are my thoughts/advice for my sisters:

  • The best approach is to meet people and network in person
  • A connection who physically hands your resume to a Hiring Manager (bplan to a VC) is invaluable
  • Pedigree (college name/GPA) matters, but ultimately people invest in people
  • Finding a fit with the right synergies is more important than the actual salary (i.e.valuation)
  • Location can be the difference between opportunity vs. opportunities
  • Never settle – do something you can be passionate about
  • Understand that rejection is inevitable and a good learning experience


Can anyone think of others?


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