Women Entrepreneurs Are Gaining Steam…

According to a recent report by the US Small Business Administration and a separate report from the Center for Women’s Business Research, entrepreneurship among women is ’booming.’ The reports state that nationwide there are currently approximately 7.7 million majority women-owned businesses. Overall women-owned businesses have increased 42% over the past five years (compared to an overall growth rate of only 24%).

One of IntelliGrad’s favorite Blogs and favorite Websites is LadiesWhoLaunch.com.

LadiesWhoLaunch was founded by Victoria Colligan and Beth Schoenfeldt with the intention of providing the two C’s: content & community in order to help women start and expand their business ventures.

LadiesWhoLaunch hosts events (speakers and networking) and higlights entrepreneurs and case studies in their blog. They have even developed educational materials on entrepreneurship specifically for women — very cool stuff. Their Website and Blog are definitely worth a look!


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