What’s Your Dating Possibility Ratio?


For the full version of this 2.0 Valentine letter click here. Created by Social Signal.

Since today is Valentines I want to play a fun game developed by my friend Dan.

Your cell phone is actually a hot bed of latent sexual knowledge’

  1. The Ratio: Take out your cell phone, or mobile/pda. Count all males under 35. Do the same for females. Divide the opposite gender by your gender. What’s your ratio? Don’t lie. Exclude family ‘“ but that’s it.
  2. Ex’s: How many ex-boyfriend/girlfriend numbers are still in your phone?
  3. Creeps: How many numbers do you have stored, only so you can knowingly ignore them when they pop-up on caller ID?
  4. Possibilities: How many numbers do you have with ‘first date’ potential?

Since games like this are only fun if you TAG people’ and since I live in DC, I figured I’d tag a few DC blogs written by other 20-somethings: Chapter2006, District Belle, Jane’s Ramblings, I-66, DC Pussycat Doll, RooshV, and RockCreek Rambler.

Once the calculations are made, you will have four numbers that DAN HIMSELF will interpret. In the interest of anonymity, please email me back with your numbers/results, but I will only post results using your PORN STAR NAME (reminder: pet’s first name, street you grew up on) so please provide your PSN as well.

Example: Cassie Timber (that’s me!).


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