How to Get a Date on Facebook

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Yesterday, a tweet from John Erik Metcalf got me thinking.

I have experimented with Facebook Pages and carried out very targeted ad campaigns using the richness of profiles, to focus on very niche demographics. If you have not used Facebook before as an advertising platform, it’s worth a look, even if only for its user interface. As you add new variables, you can see the total number of users you can target. Someone could theoretically create a niche campaign focused on women, living in San Francisco, ages 25-30, making over $50,000 who are single…

Yes! Someone (albeit someone with balls) could create a Facebook Page and a campaign to help themselves score a date. Think a ‘mini profile’, complete with picture, targeted at single women or men fitting the demographic profile of whomever they are seeking to date.

The first person who does this likely will get crazy press – and maybe a date :)

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