Twitter’s Most Annoying Feature

Great win by the sox tonight — Beckett was unstoppable! We’ll see if Curt can revive his post-season form of old on Saturday…

On to Twitter. I like it, but I don’t love it…at least yet. I suppose I’m  still awaiting that “aha” moment and hopefully it will come soon. More than any other social network I am a part of, I think having fellow users whom I know and interact with ‘offline’ would make Twitter much more compelling. So if I know you, please add me (squasher98)
twitter most annoying tweet feature old posts right

Regardless, the one feature of Twitter that continues to annoy me is the arrangement of chronological tweets. Maybe I’m just a different breed, but shouldn’t older posts be to the left? When I think right, I think ‘recent’ because that’s how you read, from left (old) to right (new). Also, shouldn’t RSS feed be at the top of the page?

Am I way off base?


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