Twitter Looks to Outsourced (Re)Development Experts

Back in May I wrote a post suggesting that we were going to see a rise in startups and VC’s outsourcing to software product development firms as a method for quickly assembling a team and in helping to minimize technology risk.

Twitter must have been listening…

Via VentureBeat:

Twitter, the messaging service that many of us love — and love to complain about when it experiences downtime — has hired a premier software development firm to help it rebuild its infrastructure, we’ve heard and confirmed with the company. The name of the firm is Pivotal Labs, a quiet but impressive group of big-gun, for-hire developers that already counts business software company SalesForce and a long list of startups as clients.

Also of note is that Pivotal Labs qualifies its client list with this phrase: “There are more startups that are in stealth mode, and larger clients that are a little shy about us mentioning their names.�

More: Duncan’s take


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