Twitter And Asynchronous Voicemail

Yesterday I was thinking how often I receive Tweets where I want to follow-up or respond, but in a more personalized manner and/or with greater detail than is possible with only 140 characters of text.

So…I was thinking that it would be great to have the ability to follow-up on a Tweet by leaving a micro-voicemail that could be archived and accessed online (GrandCentral Style). I would simply call the person’s mailbox and leave a message of 1 minute or less. While I could conceivably call the person’s mobile phone, I increasingly find phone calls involve a level of interruption and engagement unnecessary for most idea exchanges and follow-ups. Much of this stems from the phone’s antiquated conventions around politeness that result in needlessly long conversations.

If done properly, the straight-to-voicemail approach would still allow for an exchange of micro messaging while maintaining or even integrating with Twitter’s flow.


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