I’m a Believer: Trader Joe’s

trader joe's foggy bottom dc

Tuesday, April 10, 2007: 6:30pm

I am in line at Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC.

I am in a line I estimate to be 120+ persons long. You know what, I don’t even mind. As though you were running a marathon, they have stations set up offering, coffee and cookie crumbles as you pass the midway point.

I have seen at least one relationship develop, definitely digits were exchanged. The line has kept moving constantly and they have runners strategically placed in case a price needs double checking or someone needs to replace a damaged vegetable. Some people are literally buying crates of wine. The line warps around the outer edge of ¾ of the store’s interior. This may be the most efficient line I have ever seen.

Update: 10 minutes it took me to get through the line. I was greeted by an intelligent bag checker who joked around with me and suggested I try a different type of salsa next time (a bit spicier he said).

If Trader Joe’s was publicly traded, as Cramer says ’I’d back the truck up’ .bullish all the way’ BooooooYEAH!’Â�


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