Top Technology Bloggers Under 30 You Should Be Reading (2007)


Here is a list of my top reads by the next generation of VC/Media/Tech/Legal Rockstars (All under 30, I think). A lot of people like to read blogs by the guys and gals who have already proven themselves.

I tend to be much more interested in the up and comers; the people who grew up playing Oregon Trail and using the Apple II GS.

Here are my picks by genre:

Venture Capital: – Andrew Parker – Rob Finn – Sarah Tavel

Social Networking: – Fred Stutzman – Brian Balfour


Legal: – Rob Webb

Entrepreneurs: – Darren Herman – Charlie O’Donnell – Cameron Marlow

Marketing/Social Media: – Noah Kagan – Ron Zen

Anyone I’m missing?

Also there is only one female on here’ who are other awesome female bloggers?


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