The Facebook Pages Land Grab

Facebook has gone and done something interesting: they are allowing anyone to register a Page on Facebook Pages. Pages are profiles for brands, businesses and celebrities. Could pages be big? It’s free marketing and as Stowe Boyd suggests, Pages could replace corporate blogs. Some companies, such as Union Square Ventures and Facebook itself have set up their own pages. They are the early adopters.

However, ANYONE can sign up a Page for brand or company if that name is not already claimed. This is exactly what I have been doing. So far I have registered Harvard University, 24 and the Sopranos (TV shows), Kleiner Perkins, Patagonia, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Blackberry and others.

Why did I do this? I am assuming one of four possible outcomes:

1) The companies contact me and we negotiate how to switch over ownership

2) Facebook deletes the Pages I have created – I would immediately and permanently stop using Facebook if this happened

3) I gain lots of fans on my Pages and use them as an opportunity for analysis and promotion among great demographics

4) A company decides not to ‘play nice’ and has a lawyer contact me

I’d encourage people to sign-up their favorite brands. Apparently that is what Facebook wanted since they currently have no authentication system. The best-case scenario is you get paid off. The worst case is you become a temporary marketing company working with the best brands worldwide.

Want to test it out? Sign-up as a fan of the Heights Media Group Page

Heights Media Group Facebook Page


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