How We Grew Facebook Pages to 500,000+ For Brands Like Ralph Lauren


This past New Year’s I made Ten Predictions for 2008 on this blog, including a bonus, eleventh prediction…

Well that eleventh prediction has come true: I have been kicked off Facebook for what is, in my opinion, a really big mistake/misunderstanding.

Of course since I am the one who was kicked off I will leave it to someone else to cover the story (to avoid bias) and I will link to it when that happens Nick O’Neill has covered the reason at

Needless to say, I have really not done anything wrong and I am confident my account will reinstated after additional consideration.

For those keeping track, overall my predictions 1, 4, 6, 7 and 8 have been dead-on (well Yahoo is still a question mark). Not a bad batting average so far!


Update: Nick O’Neill has covered the situation at AllFacebook


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