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Sam Huleatt

Search-As-You-Type Advertising Could Be Huge

Google’s new search-as-you-type is pretty great and starts to move search away from the old paradigm of results pages — I’m finding these search box suggestions really influence my next few clicks. So…what if Google

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Would Google Pay My SMS Bill?

I was thinking this morning how much I’d like to have all my text messages forwarded into the cloud, storing these conversations and allowing me to search against them much like Gmail does with email

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Is Advertising at the End of the Road?

Assuming the economy comes back from the recession-depression thing that it’s in now, when it does, we will have completely moved on from advertising…. …No one needs advertising, and there are much better ways to

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Could Anything Disrupt Google?

Google seems to be on a tear. The 100 pound gorilla in the technology space. Unstoppable. But… Storage space is increasingly a commodity as evidenced by Google’s Gmail. What happens when a user can download

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