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How to Get a Date on Facebook

Yesterday, a tweet from John Erik Metcalf got me thinking. I have experimented with Facebook Pages and carried out very targeted ad campaigns using the richness of profiles, to focus on very niche demographics. If

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Social Networking

Your Facebook Profile is Worth $306.12

I don’t have much to say on Facebook/Microsoft deal, expect to say, “wow, that’s a lot of money.â€� Nevertheless, I wanted to provide some vaguely helpful insight, so I started digging into a few numbers.

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New York: The True Social Media Hotspot?

  Oddly, despite San Francisco’s reputation as the social media hub, not one of the ‘top’ independent digital agencies specializing in social media holds offices in the bay area. Where do these social media bad

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Toothpaste Face-Off on Facebook

The other day I was messing around on Facebook and found a poll on toothpaste. It got me thinking about whether or not brands of toothpaste matter. For example in an excerpt from Blue Ocean

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