South by Southwest 2008


Apologies to all, especially Matt, for a lack of blog posts.

I’m freshly returned from Austin, Texas where I attended South by Southwest (2008).  The event was absolutely awesome and next year I will be back. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend many panels due to a project Heighs Media Group has been working on in conjunction with Peter Corbett at iStragtegy Labs.

We’ve been working on a really fun project for Geico building a Cavemen dating website called I Heart Cavemen.It’s a spoof on the Cavemen commercials and it’s been a blast to work on. As part of the site’s launch we organized a big “Crush” party and Marty (Geico’s main Caveman) even showed up, arriving stylishly in a limo. It was all a blast, but a lot of work went into the launch so I’m looking forward to next year being more relaxed.

As far as panels go, one of the most interesting is now likely to go down as the most notorious. The whole Lacey debacle was one of the more amazing things I have witnessed in person, from the awkwardness of the actual interview with Mark to seeing Twitter empower a group to take action. It was fascinating to watch the audience move from exchanging mystified facial expression, to murmurs, to rapid twittering and then to collective and outspoken annoyance.

I also really loved the talk by Frank Warren, the creator of Post Secret. Frank’s story of how Post Secret came to be was so humble and eloquent; it was the perfect example of how media and art can free when we use it in non-assuming ways.

Can’t wait for next year and I really look forward to covering panels focused specifically on startup metrics and the continually evolving nature of venture funding.


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