Ten Interesting Memes Plucked From The Blogosphere

I’ve been noticing a lot of memes floating around the social media/2.0 space over the last two weeks and I decided to pluck 10 of my favorites. If you haven’t been glued to Google Reader or Twitter, here is a run-down of memes worth paying attention to…

Socialprise: Social tools + enterprise = “socialprise.” According to RedWriteWeb this meme represents one of the biggest shifts in business today. AVC questions whether it’s an oxymoron.

Suckage: Refers to a general feeling among smart technologists such as Umair Haque that entrepreneurs aren’t addressing real problems but instead creating ‘me-too’s.’ Umair has even issued a challenge.

PaaS: Refers to Platforms as a Service (as opposed to Software as a Service). This meme was coined by Tony Bishop who sees it as the invasion of the consumer web into the enterprise

Twitter Liberation Organization (TLO)*: Annoying concept kicked around by Techcrunch, Hank Williams and others suggesting that Twitter is ‘too important to continue with current ownership.’ The idea: open-source it

Distributed Polling: Fred Wilson believes we are better solving problems collectively. He posted a poll on YHOO stock price which was picked up and published on a number of leading blogs.

Singularity: Peter Thiel has donated to another interesting, albeit obtuse, non-profit complementing his gifts to advance radical life extension. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the next Facebook board meeting?

ReadBurner: Adam Ostrow editor of Mashable acquired ReadBurner to help socialize Google Reader. Google itself, can’t seem to do the job.

TwitPitch: Stowe Boyd, suggests a new way of ‘pitching’ limited to 140 characters. Stowe calls it the future, even though he is more interested in the present(er)

Dimensionalizing: John Bothwick asks: What would the web look like if you picked it up and looked at the bottom? John believes we need new metaphors to understand and place dimensions around what a web experience is.

GoogleWhack: A new Greenspan-ism “pale recession� irked Paul Kedrosky and led to his suggestion that Greenspan is a ninja SEO (or personal brander) playing a game called Googlewhack.

*TLO is lexicon I’m coining to describe people referring/supporting this annoying idea

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