Slide Giving Up on Facebook? What’s It Really Mean?

From Alley Insider:

Slide, the company that makes Facebook’s most popular apps, says it’s done making new ones for the social network. Keith Rabois, VP of strategy and business development, told us this week that the company wants to concentrate on making the existing apps like FunWall and Top Friends better — and ultimately figure out how to generate real money from them.

…Read between the lines here, and you can see a slightly different story: Slide is saying that the great Facebook app land-grab, which kicked off a year ago, is over. And it’s ended up with the best property.

I find this development very interesting. You would assume that Max still talks to Peter regularly and by default Mark. If real opportunity were to be had on Facebook, Slide should thus be best positioned to take advantage of it. The fact that Slide is seemingly moving away from innovating on the Facebook platform either indicates that something new is coming to Facebook and Slide wants to re-focus resources there — or it means Facebook is in serious trouble.


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