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Here’s a free business idea…I frequently go to the same stores in downtown DC trolling for a sale. I take a size medium in most things and I don’t like spending over $30 for just almost type of clothing (yep, it really limits me!).

Why don’t stores like Gap, JCrew, Banana, etc have a text messaging service that alerts shoppers [who sign-up] to sale items matching the specifications selected, e.g. Male, Tops, Medium, Under $30? In fact if Twitter was smart, they could create partnerships with stores to alert customers in real-time to great new bargains over mobile phones or on city specific blogs like Gothamist. Even my favorite to blog about stock, Bluefly could get in on the action!

Of course people love the surprise of a good bargain, but for cheap-skates like me who ONLY buy bargains it would be a useful service and would definitely get me in the store more frequently.


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