Weekend RoundUp

Leveraging Ideas Roundup Round Up

I haven’t been able to do much writing this week but I wanted to point out a few things I have come across that others may enjoy…

Rob Webb has a great post about our rival alma matas forays into venture capital endowment investing. Looks like Colby has the upper hand as of now.

There is an interesting email from Justin Rosenstein making the rounds with the message that ‘Facebook is THAT company.’ Brilliant PR or is this guy onto something?

In answer to Noah’s question ‘“ I rarely ever check email. Instead’ I listen. The beautiful buzz of my Blackberry has replaced the signing into my Gmail account only to be disappointed.

Webmetrics Guru has some great visuals of the state of the blogosphere in 2006 vs. 2007. Cool.

Harvard has finally released a case-study of sorts on aSmallWorld, the pretentious, exclusive social network that is sooo hot right now.

Finally, as the excitement builds surrounding the iPhone release, some people are creating their own UGC commercials. Here is one I really enjoyed (sorry cannot embed).

iPhone New York City

Let me know if you like this type of a week-ending roundup’ I know a lot of other blogs do it and I don’t like to be a crowd-follower, but if you the people demand it, who am I to deny it!


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