New Directions – Same Goals

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So IntelliGrad is really starting to come together“ but we have made some major directional changes. First, let me say that everyone should check out IntelliGrad on (click here)“ we are posting information about company updates and the story of ’how we came to be’ on this cool website.

So what are we doing differently? Well, we have decided stop creating lots of our own content and instead focus on collecting resources that are already available on the web and bringing them to you all in one spot“ aggregation as the buzzword goes.

So for example, you can check out an interview with the founder of Sam Adam’s Brewery from or a really informative video on how to set a table properly courtesy of

Look for a ton of new stuff to be available this coming week.

IntelliGrad’s new focus is really on our social networking component. This is in development and we have a few schools we plan to use as beta testers. But really the social network we are creating is not about schools — it’s about you. So, let us know what features would be most helpful to help you network. We’re not going to allows videos, drunk pictures, or music sharing…our focus is only on helping graduates network, collaborate and reach their dreams. can do the rest.


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