LinkedIn Should Acquire Twitter Now!!

LinkedIn IPO acquisition Twitter

I see nothing but potential between these two companies. If LinkedIn is in fact moving toward an IPO, they could also stand some buzz helping to drive up that long-term potential/valuation. Twitter is in a good acquisition stage from the standpoint of an acquirer because with the looming launch of Pownce (the Kevin Rose brainchild) Twitter’s market share has been threatened. Pownce’s impact is likely to shake-up Twitter’s current dominant market positioning. In other words, Twitter needs to make some moves.

Why Twitter?

Well the idea behind LinkedIn Answers is cool, but not functional enough. What would REALLY be sharp is a Twitter integration where you can ask your trusted group of connections questions in real-time (as you work). This would essentially create a virtual team environment. Say you are researching predicted Apple revenue from the iPhone launch. You’re struggling to find exactly what you want, so you throw up a question to your Twitter/LinkedIn connections. You could quickly get suggestions and feedback in a much less-formal environment, an environment much more conducive to continuous collaboration with your network.

I think adding Twitter would create a huge opportunity for LinkedIn and truly distinguish LinkedIn as the premier network for business professionals.


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