It’s Time to Get a Life When:

  1. You call a friend to alert them that StumbleUpon no longer has an audience count
  2. Not only do you know what Greasemonkey Scripts are, you also use them
  3. You refer to bloggers you’ve never met as ’business associates’Â�
  4. Your idea of networking means running searches on LinkedIn
  5. Voting refers to you filling out an online survey. ‘Getting involved’ on a presidential campaign means joining
  6. You’ve had a dream involving an IPO and Lindsay Campbell
  7. You can type the URL for del.ici.ous ( without hesitating
  8. The closest you’ve come to getting laid in a year was Justin.TV on April 10th
  9. You make a joke about something ’2.0’ and no one laughs ’“ they don’t even get it
  10. You’ve actually used Twitter at a conference

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