IDEA WARS 2007: Who wants in?

idea wars 2007

Since it’s March Madness I thought a cool idea would be to pit eight internet entrepreneurs against each other for a showdown over web innovation.

We would need eight volunteer entrepreneurs who we would then randomly pair off on the bracket. For each game (four rounds total) the entrepreneurs would be give three categories:

1) Demographic

2) Industry

3) For Profit or Non Profit

From there competing entrepreneurs would have 48 hours to come up with a new website, social tool, application or widget that meets the needs of those three requirements. We then let the audience vote on who came up with the best idea and the winners advance to the next round (all in good fun!).

Example: Old Folks, Newspapers, For Profit

Possible Ideas:

  1. A website that ’speaks’ the text of any major newspaper’s headlines
  2. Widget allowing children to email news stories they think will be of interest and have the story left as a voicemail on the parent’s phone or as an mp3 in email
  3. For people who split time between multiple homes (say FL and another house) a website that delivers local stories of relevance to their email box while away

Participants will also get to vote on the other games, though audience votes will be the preferred method for judging.

So who wants in? We’ll start when the Elite 8 begins on March 22nd.

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