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I’ve had a series of ideas recently that I will share over the next few days.

First up…

Widget/Site: ’Buy My Drink’Â�

How many times a week does someone help you out with something, commit a selfless act or hook-you up with a really helpful resource? Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply go a widget (or website) and buy that person a drink in advance? First, you would get to pick the bar from a list of participants (great for encouraging a friend to come visit, or to try a new hot spot) and then fill out the recipient’s name as it appears on their license (with their date of birth being the backup). An email would shoot off to that person telling them of their good fortune and then they would have 45 days to claim the beer.

To get this to work, multiple bars would have to sign on and choose a common price, say $6 for a Bud or Bud Light ($1 processing fee). If the drink goes unclaimed after 45 days, the bar keeps the money.

If you like this idea or want to help create it, ping me.


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