2006: Almost a Wrap. New Year, New Name, New Location

2006 was my first year as a blogger. I didn’t start until September, but I still managed to get in over a hundred entries, or about 5 posts per week. I’m still getting my flow and formatting down“ I think I tend to be long winded, but I promise to shorten-up in 2007.

As I start a new semester (I’m an MBA student) I will be taking: Personal Wealth Management, Venture Capital, Advanced Corporate Finance and Managerial Communication. In addition to discussing my own observations, I hope to comment on the wisdom I acquire in the classroom.

I’m also helping a new client in the VoIP sector looking to expand into NGN (next generation networks) by acting as ‘the pipes’ for IMS and other mobile technologies. It’s exciting stuff, but also riddled with acronyms, bad information and hype. I plan to blog about this technology over the next few weeks.

Finally, I’m switching this blog to a new domain: Leveraging Ideas. The primary reason for this change is so that I do not need to focus primarily on educational news and topics.

I chose the name Leveraging Ideas, because as a blogger, young entrepreneur and consultant my goal is to help leverage ideas into successful businesses. As a business plan consultant, I help my clients leverage the creativity, energy and innovation from their raw ideas into feasible business models. As an entrepreneur, I am doing the same, but for myself. As an MBA student, I hear many amazing ideas from professors, other students, authors, speakers and others. My new blog will look at many of these ideas and consider the potential impacts of these ideas and concepts.

As of some date, very soon, when you access the IntelliGrad Blog you will be redirected to Leveraging Ideas. Most of the topics will be the same“ but by not being directly associated with IntelliGrad, I will feel more confident in who I am as an author, thus making it a superior experience for everyone.


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