In Praise of the Generalist

generalists mbas having range silicon valley

In a world of increasing specialization, it’s not always easy to be a generalist.

The MBA is not the favored degree of Silicon Valley, and perhaps rightly so.

Those who have more technical backgrounds in computer science and engineering have held more of the power when it comes to making and building.

However, I continue to believe in the power of being a generalist: someone with a breadth of knowledge who can spot patterns and connect dots across disciplines.

The no-code movement is fascinating. Coupled with what I perceive as more MBAs embracing a culture of hustle than of entitled management could we some power shift back to MBAs and generalists as equally in-demand?

I tend to think, yes. Generalists and MBAs simply need the frameworks and skills to learn how to build and automate in the world of modern operator. We must embrace the idea of operating over managing.

Yes I am biased an MBA myself. But while I have no data to back it up, I firmly believe that the most creative people tend to be those with range: generalists, not specialists. Creativity, hustle and sales continue to be appreciated in Silicon Valley.


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