Hack: Hire on Craigslist Using Rapportive’s Tool

rapportive CRM hacks

I wanted to share a quick hack I’m using this weekend.

My sister is in the process of moving from New York to Baltimore to start business school. I suggested that we get some movers to help us on each side of the trip, figuring we’d pay $40 an hour and provide some food and plenty of water. I used Craigslist to post a basic advertisement about 48 hours beforehand.

In the past I have used Craigslist to find handymen for a number of jobs such as moving furniture and brush. The response rate has always been high, but filtering to find the best/most trustworthy of the bunch is always a challenge.

However, this morning it occurred to me to run Rapportive and see if I could find Facebook or Linkedin profiles of some of the applicants (Rapportive is an awesome app for Gmail that surfaces that shows the social profiles for various email addresses). Sure enough, we had a total of about 40 responses and about 10 showed up in Rapportive. After scanning their profiles to eliminate anyone who looked like a serial killer I picked a jazz musician in New York (listened to his stuff on MySpace) and a student in Baltimore.

Filtering against public social network profiles is definitely not the be all end all, but it’s definitely better than nothing and provides me with a little bit more comfort when hiring strangers.


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